Pop Up Thank You!

It has already been two weeks since our pop-up shop at Space 15Twenty. We had such an amazing time being in the shop. It took many people and lots of hard work, and we are so thankful to every person that helped make this the amazing event that it was. Thanks to the artists, the farmers, Space 15Twenty, HealthAde Kombucha, KnitWit Magazine, the LA Times, all of the Fibershedders who worked in the shop, workshop teachers, and everyone who visited. Being a physical store and not just a website gave us a chance to talk to people one on one about the Fibershed mission and to meet many amazing like-minded people. 

People asked some really great questions about what LA Fibershed is and what LA Fibershed will do in the future.  Some great conversations were had about getting a native dye garden underway this year, finding a studio space, initiating a paid membership program, and launching our Kickstarter. We love that people were already asking what are the big picture plans/possibilities for LA Fibershed, for instance what about LA Fibershed fabric? What do we need to do to get, say, a knit fabric made from Cleaner Cotton™ which is our closest cotton resource grown in California’s Central Valley? That is a part of what this Fibershed is all about: asking questions, having big ideas, and figuring out how to make them happen.

We also had such a great time at the workshops. We participated in acorn dyeing, cochineal dyeing, felt making, and we made baskets with pine needles. It is always genuinely rewarding to learn a new skill. It never ceases to amaze what we can make with nature. People often asked when we would be having more workshops. Sign up for the mailing list, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out first when we announce our workshops- we have lots of ideas for the next coming months.

We love all the new connections with people that we made and look forward to nurturing those relationships. We are always looking for new LA Fibershed designers, artists, volunteers and fiber farmers. With every new person we meet we add a new stitch to our network, that's what makes our beautiful bioregional textile community amazing. 

Our online shop is now open with some of the pieces from the pop-up, so you still have a chance to shop and support LA fibershed!

Thanks to everyone who made our pop-up the magical event it was. We are so grateful. 

Photos by Sherise Lee of The Radder.